Real Phantasia Sports


Green = complete!

(1) Phantasia Prototype

Complete prototype for Daily Fantasy Sports platform that includes NFL Football and NBA basketball contests. Release closed beta to users on Solana Devnet.

(2) Mainnet P2E Test Launch

Launch Beta P2E application on Solana Mainnet with test Phantasia token (betaFANT). This token will have absolutely no value and is to be used for test purposes only. All tokens in Phantasia's treasury will be burned when a real $FANT token is available post-IDO.

(3) NFT Drop - Phanbots Season 1

Drop our first Phantasia NFT Collection known as the “Phantasia Phanbots”. List the Phanbots collection on both a secondary marketplace and eventually our own Phantasia storefront.


A $FANT token IDO is scheduled for December 15th on Solanium.

(5) Mainnet $FANT

Launch Daily Fantasy Sports P2E game on Solana Mainnet and add additional governance functionality to the FANT token. Complete Solana program security audit - the security firm Halborn has conducted Phantasia's program security audit.

(6) Phantasia Marketplace

Build a Phantasia NFT storefront to include additional in-game skins, future collections, and vanity items earned through in-game play

(7) Phantasia Mobile App

Implement Phantasia's features on a mobile app available on both iOS and Android.

(8) Paid Contests

Allow users who have completed identity verification to gamble USDC or FANT entry fees in daily fantasy sports contests.

(9) Public Contest Creation

Give users the ability to create public and private contests for others to join.

(10) FANT Staking

Implement FANT staking allowing players to lock up FANT in exchange for platform benefits.

(11) Major League Baseball Contests

Launch daily fantasy sports contests for the 2022 MLB season.

(12) On-Chain Data

Move sports data on chain, providing a transparent, single source of data for Phantasia's contests.

(13) Fantasy Sports Leagues

Implement season long NFL leagues where friends can play against each other and deposit entry fees into a smart contract to fairly pay out league winners upon season end.

(∞) Deploy Platform Enhancements

The future roadmap will be enhanced and governed by the DAOs long-term vision of the protocol