Creating A Proposal

How to Create a Proposal:

A Phantasia Sports DAO proposal can be created by anyone who is a FANT holder and has more than 3500 FANT.

To create a proposal head over to the Phantasia Sports DAO page hosted by Solana Labs.

Once you’re on the page on the right-hand side of the screen you will see a section for Governance tokens and it will display how many FANT tokens are held in your wallet. Before creating the proposal you will need to deposit the FANT tokens into the governance contract. The current version of the governance contract doesn’t let you specify how many tokens you can deposit and will only let the user deposit ALL of the tokens in the respective wallet. The Solana Labs team is working on improving this functionality to allocate a specific amount of tokens into the governance contract.

Once the transaction goes through the deposited tokens will be shown under Governance tokens under “FANT Votes” each token is a vote. You can withdraw these tokens at any time if they’re not utilized in a vote.

Once the user has deposited the minimum amount to create a proposal (3500 FANT) the “new” button shall be available to be selected. Click on this “new” button - which will direct the user to the creation of the proposal screen.

Once you’re on the proposal screen enter in the respective information for the proposal. If the proposal executes some type of transaction on chain then the instructions for that will need to be provided. However if the proposal is something off-chain then select the “none” option for instructions.

For the Governance account choose the “Phantasia Governance” account.

After all of the information is filled out - please review it. The last step is to hit the “Add proposal” option and then approve the transaction.

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