PPR vs. Standard scoring

A comparison of the two scoring settings offered in Phantasia Leagues

There is no right answer as to which scoring method you should choose, but understanding your league's scoring rules are vital to your season's success. Phantasia offers two methods of scoring your league's games week-to-week: Point per reception (PRR) and Standard.

Good to know: the league creator sets the scoring method while creating the league. This cannot be changed after the league is created.

Standard Scoring

Standard scoring is the most basic and common way of scoring fantasy football. As the name suggests, this set of rules have largely dominated the fantasy football world in the modern era. The basics include one point for every 10 rushing/receiving yards gained, six points for a rushing/receiving touchdown, one point per 25 passing yards and four points per passing touchdown.

Standard scoring heavily favors players who score touchdowns. This makes sense, as touchdowns are how points are received in the real world game, but are also difficult to score. This results in lower total scores in league matchups.

Point per Reception (PPR) Scoring

PPR scoring is the exact same as standard scoring, but adds 1 point per reception. If you image, standard scoring being the default setting in a game, PPR is the 'arcade' style of the same game. Players almost always score more points in a PPR format compared to standard format, since receptions are a key part of Running Back, Wide Receiver and Tight End stats.

Some people love seeing more points each week as it adds to the excitement, but others may think PPR is superficial and not realistic in terms of actually helping a team. For example, a player may receive a pass, but run for 0 total yards. This scores 1 point in fantasy football, but in the real-life game does nothing to help the team succeed.

PPR gives a large advantage to players who are heavily targeted by their quarterbacks. Take Charger's Austin Ekeler vs. Titan's Derrick Henry as an example. Both great Running Backs in the NFL, Austin Ekeler would have a huge advantage over Henry in a PPR format, since he received 94 targets in 2021 vs Henry's 20. This could total an extra 74 points for Ekeler during the season.

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