Create a Phantasia League

Creating a league on Phantasia is easy! Get started by navigating to the Phantasia Leagues creation page.

Once here, notice that there are several parameters that must be filled in to create your league.

League Name

Choose the name of your league. This name will be displayed across the site as people view your league.

Scoring Method

Choose between PPR and Standard scoring. This cannot be changed. Read more about PPR vs. Standard here.

Number of Participants

Choose the amount of people in your league. This can range from 4-14 team managers included in your league. This number cannot be changed after creation, but you can resize your league at draft time.


Choose between public or private. If public, any Phantasia user will be able to find and join your league. In private leagues, you can ask friends to join with an invite link and your league will be hidden to the public on Phantasia's website. Read more about public vs. private leagues.

Entry Dues & Payouts

Note: Leagues with entry fees greater than 0 are only permitted in certain jurisdictions allowed to play in paid contests. View more information here.

Choose the entry fee that each user must pay in order to participate in your league. In private leagues, the creator may choose any value they desire. In public leagues, the creator must select from a set number of entry fee options. This is to ensure for easy filtering when finding a public league to join.

Good to know: Phantasia currently only allows payouts for 1st, 2nd and 2rd place

Once an entry fee is decided upon, adjust the payout percentages that will be rewarded to users who win their leagues. These values must add up to 100%. These cannot be changed after league creation. As an example, say you select 50% for the 1st place prize, 30% for 2nd, and 20% for 3rd. If the league entry fee costs $100 and the league has 10 participants, the total pot would be $1000. At season end, 1st place would receive $500, 2nd wins $300 and 3rd receives $200.

Draft Date & Time

Select the draft date and time your league will select players in your annual fantasy football draft. In private leagues, the creator/commissioner can update this setting. In public leagues, this cannot be changed after creation.

Note: when creating a public league, carefully select the draft date and time. You cannot change it after submitting the league.

Lastly, review your information and create your league! Make sure to send the link to your friends.

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