NFT Marketplace

Phantasia Sports offers an NFT Marketplace within the platform. The interface allows users to buy and sell Phantasia NFTs to customize their in-game identity by editing their Fan Card. On the platform, the NFT marketplace is referred to as the 'Phantasia Shop'.

The Phantasia Shop provides users who participate in and win contests another method of utilization for their FANT tokens. These NFTs can be considered as collectible items, i.e., skins for their Fan Card.

The Phantasia Shop is powered by the Metaplex NFT structure, but is built on a custom Solana program separate from Metaplex. You can read more about Metaplex here:

Currently, all NFTs available for purchase on the Phantasia Shop are transacted in FANT, the native Governance and Utility token for the Phantasia Sports protocol.

The proceeds from NFT sales will be moved to the Phantasia Sports treasury, which is governed by the decentralized organization (DAO). The Phantasia Shop waives all royalty fees and only takes a 4% transaction service fee from secondary listings.

Currently, there are two types of NFT listings on the Phantasia Shop: Phantasia Listings, and Secondary Listings.

Phantasia Listings

Phantasia Listings are limited edition sales allowing a user to mint a special Phantasia NFT copy from a master edition NFT. The number of NFT copies available is decided by Phantasia. Once the set number of NFTs copies have been purchased in the limited edition sale, they are sold out and can no longer be minted. Fortunately, they can be re-listed by a user who was able to purchase before supply ran out, so there may be another opportunity to buy. Most Phantasia Listings will be announced on Discord in advance.

Secondary Listings

The Phantasia shop also allows any user to list a Phantasia NFT for sale and earn FANT if it sells. When a user lists their NFT, it is taken from their wallet. The same user can remove the listing and receive their NFT back before it sells.

To reiterate, all sales are in FANT, not SOL. It is highly recommended to have at least a small amount of SOL in your wallet at all times on the platform to pay Solana network fees.

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