Fan Card

The Fan Card is a user's in-game identity and can be customized with Phantasia NFTs


The Fan Card allows user to customize their in-game identity on the Phantasia Sports interface. The contents of the Fan Card follow the user around the platform and act as a way to differentiate yourselves from others users in competitions. The Fan Card is composed of in-game NFT items that are primarily utilized as collectibles that do not provide users an edge in fantasy sports contests. A Fan Card is not required to enter contests, since all of the Phantasia contests are free to play.

The Fan Card currently is shown in Contests and leaderboards where others can click on your profile to view which NFTs you own.

Only NFTs that are released by Phantasia or collaboration NFTs that Phantasia has with other projects can be added to the Fan Card.

Building a Fan Card

Users who have Phantasia NFTs in their Solana wallet can go to the application and customize their Fan Card. If a user does not own a Phantasia NFT, they may purchase one from the Phantasia Shop if there are active listings for sale.

To customize your Fan Card, follow the below steps:

1) Log into the Phantasia platform and on the navigation bar select "Fan Card Builder"

2) This will display the Fan Card Builder. On the left-hand side of the page, you can view the Phantasia NFTs in your wallet.

3) Drag Phantasia NFTs into places on the Fan Card that can hold NFTs. Currently, the profile image only supports the season 1 collection of Phantasia NFTs called "Phanbots" (dropped on November 23rd 2021). The vanity items can be any of the Phantasia NFT collections

4) Once you're happy with the NFTs on your Fan Card, select the "Save Fan Card" button. A transaction will appear. Approve this transaction for your NFT data to be saved to the blockchain. The NFTs will still be available in your wallet and you will not be giving up custody of them

Lastly, navigate to the home page dashboard and view your new Fan Card in the top left corner of the page.

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