Creating an Account

Learn how to create an account on Phantasia's platform using a web3 Solana wallet

Getting started on Phantasia's platform is simple - connect a web3 Solana wallet, create a username, and you are ready to start competing. There are currently two methods of creating a wallet - 1) Utilizing a browser extension wallet 2) Creating a wallet with phone # or email through Magic Link.

Create account with existing wallet

Currently, Phantasia only supports the broswer extensions wallets: Phantom, Slope and Solflare wallets. We recommend using Phantom or Solflare, since Slope does not display a balance of Phantasia's native token ($FANT).

Note that Phantasia currently does not support using hardware wallets like Ledger, but is looking to add this in the near future.

For help setting up a Phantom or Solflare wallet as a Chrome Extension, please see their help pages at and respectively. You don't need to have any crypto in these wallets to start on Phantasia as the platform covers the Solana blockchain gas fees.

Once set up with a wallet, navigate to the sign in page where you'll notice an option to "Select Wallet". Click this button and choose the wallet of your choice from the pop-up modal.

Once selected, you'll have to approve a transaction in a separate pop-up window. This does NOT cost any SOL. Once approved, you'll be prompted to the onboarding flow which gives an overview of the platform.

Congrats! You are now ready to compete! 💪🎉

Create a wallet with Phone # or Email!

Phantasias mission is to onboard users who currently don't utilize blockchain technology. One pain point that has ben identified is creating a wallet. The Phantasia team realized this pain point which led them to partner with Magic! Magic is an authentication provider which lets users create a self custody wallet with their phone number or email.

The user will enter their email or phone number and then click "Sign In" . Magic will send a verification code either to your email or phone depending on which option you chose to sign in with. Once you enter the authentication code the user shall be able sign in or register.

You will be prompted to go through the Phantasia onboarding which will introduce you to the application. The Phantasia platform covers Solana blockchain gas fees so new users don't have to onboard any crypto to start playing free contests!

After registering you automatically have a wallet created for you along with the a username which can be changed at anytime. Users can withdraw their winnings and also deposit tokens into this wallet. For more information about Magic - please read the section of documentation "Magic Wallet Information"

Congrats! You now have a Solana wallet and are ready to compete! 💪🎉

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