Introduction to Daily Fantasy Sports

DFS Overview

Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS, in short) are a subset of fantasy sports - in which contests are played over a short period of time (typically one day to one week long). The user's goal is to select a team of players while not exceeding a set salary cap and hope those players earn points by performing well in their actual live games. If a user is able to build the highest scoring team within the salary cap, they are considered the winner of the competition.

There are different types of contests that a user can join depending on the rules that they prefer to follow. This includes - but is not limited to - 50/50, Head-to-head, and Multiplayer (a.k.a, "Winner Takes All") contests.

Select Contest to Enter

To view active contests that are available for entry, navigate to the lobby page (top navigation bar) where all open contests are shown. Phantasia currently offers three different types of contests. These are described below:

50/50 Contests

In 50/50 contests, all users pay the same entry fee to participate. In Phantasia's current state, contests are free and paid to enter contests. Upon contest end, the winners are the top-scoring 50% of the users who are entered into the contest, e.g., if 100 users enter a 50/50 contest, the users with the highest 50 scores will be declared winners.

Winner Takes All

In Winner Takes All contests, all users pay the same entry fee to participate. In Phantasia's current state, contests are free and paid to enter contests. In this type of contest, you're competing against every team to score at the top of the leaderboard. Only the highest scoring user is declared a winner upon contest end. Unfortunately, 1st place ties are a possibility, since the lineup of multiple user's teams can be identical. In this case, the prize pool is distributed equally among tied winners. In case of a tied contest with a non-breakable prize (like an NFT), the prize is rewarded to the player who entered the contest first or edited their roster least recently.

In The Money

In the money contests are a first of its kind Phantasia exclusive contest type! In the money contests shall have a defined set of winners (between 2 and 159) upon the creation of the contests. Participants that rank in the β€˜In the money’ slots win a prize, the higher a participant ranks the higher their reward will be. The algorithm for determining prizes based on ranking is developed by Phantasia Sports and rewards the users at the top of the leaderboard.

Contest with 4 winners (Can have any number of participants example):

Contest with 4 winners distribution below πŸ‘‡

1st - 4/10ths of Total Prize

2nd - 3/10ths of Total Prize

3rd - 2/10ths of Total Prize

4th - 1/10ths of Total Prize


The head to head game mode is a contest where there are only two users. This is a winner takes all contest where the winner gets all of the entry fees.

*Note all of these payout structures don't include the platform fees. Additionally, to determine a tie-breaker in a contest, the protocol will identify the user’s roster that was least recently edited or entered into the contest and reward them as the winner of the tiebreaker. Updating or entering a roster closer to game time gives the user an extra advantage as they can utilize the most real-time information to decide which players to include in their roster

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