Join a league

Two ways to join

There are two ways to join a league on Phantasia. If your league is private, you'll need the URL that is used for invites inside of the league. This will need to come from a current league member and is not publicly available on the Phantasia website for the average user.

If you intend on joining a public league, or don't know which league you want to join yet, navigate to to view the leagues lobby. Here, you are able to filter public leagues by both entry fee and draft date. Search through leagues and find one that you are interested in being part of.

Entering the league

Once you have navigated to the league, either through the leagues lobby or a direct URL, you'll receive a popup asking you to pay for entry. Depending on your current deposited dollar balance (or USDC crypto balance), the popup will show you payment options. If you currently have enough credits to pay for entry, this is the easiest method of payment. Read more about Phantasia's payment options here.

Deposit credits: Credits are dollar-equivalent, in-game tokens allowing you to pay for entry into season-long fantasy leagues and daily fantasy contests. You can use a credit card to buy them on in the navigation bar.

Identity verification (paid leagues only)

If you're new to Phantasia and your league is NOT free to enter, you will be required to verify your identity in order to play. This only takes about 30 seconds. This is common in fantasy sports and is important to verify you are legally allowed to participate in fantasy sports gaming based on your age and location. Read more about who is allowed to play in paid leagues here.

Final Payment

Once you are verified, complete your payment with either existing Phantasia credits, USDC crypto, or a credit card. Your payment will be safely deposited into a vault on the blockchain and will be paid to the winners at the end of the season. If your payment is successful, the popup will close and you'll be able to view your league's home page.

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