Join Contest

Go to the Lobby in the header which brings you to the list of all active contests. Shop around for the contest that you want to join based on the criteria shown on the screen. Currently we offer NFL , EPL, NBA, and MLB contests - you can filter by the type of league you want to participate in.

When you're ready to join a contest click on "Enter Contest"

This is the fun part - you get to build your dream team!

The Match pool shows what games are apart of the contest. From these games all of those teams players are available to be selected. By clicking on any of the games within the match pool the page filters to only players from those contests. click on the "Clear" button to remove the teams which are filtered.

If you're holding a Phanbot in your wallet you will see exclusive tools like "Complete Roster" which utilizes a proprietary algorithm to build you a roster. Additionally if you click the purple Phantasia logo - you'll see additional tools to create your roster. The options are: Premium Picks which are the highest projected scorers, Smart picks are players who are projected to perform the best with the cheapest price, and budget picks are cheaper but still projected to play well.

The players have projected points & Salaries which come from our sports data provider. The goal is to pick the best team that will score the most points within the allocated available salary. Your available salary amount is shown on the top of the page and goes down as you draft players. Additionally the average salary per player fluctuates depending on how much salary budget you have left & players left to draft. The "Opp." column shows the opposing team and ranks them in difficulty - the teams which are easier to play are indicated with a green color & difficult teams are indicated with a red color. Clicking on any of the players will show you their projected points and provide additional information about them.

Once you built your team hit "Finalize Roster" and enter your team name - choose something fun that represents the you & the team you picked!

After you select "Join Contest" your wallet will appear to approve the Solana transaction of sending your teams roster on-chain. Phantasia stores your teams roster on-chain and enters your contest information data to the Solana blockchain so the smart contracts are able to determine the Play-To-Earn rewards and winner(s) of the contests.

To store data on the blockchain it costs a Solana transaction fee. On Solana Mainnet it's an average of $0.00025 for solana transaction fee. This is all covered by Phantasia and users don't have to pay any of these funds.

Once you approve the transaction please be patient as the blockchain has to confirm your transaction which may take up to 30 seconds. Once it's approved the success message is shown and you can select "Close"

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