🏈Season Long Fantasy Football

An introduction to the Future of Fantasy Football

Phantasia Sports is setting out to create the future of season long fantasy sports contests. Currently there are over 50M users who play Fantasy Sports in North America every year and the industry is growing quickly year over year!

Fantasy Sports is a peer-to-peer game where users draft a team of players at the beginning of the season and manage it throughout the season to see who comes out on top as the best manager. There are many different variations of season long fantasy sports but the traditional one is the re-draft model where managers draft a new team every year and set line-ups weekly to compete against other users in their league.

One of the biggest issues currently in Fantasy Sports is that the platforms which users are competing on either don't accept entry fees or charge 10-40% fees for managing the entry fees for the entire season. Additionally the platforms managing the users league fees increases the risk to the users because another party is holding onto your money. At the end of the season these platforms pay out the winners, however this payout can take days or weeks to hit the users account and the platforms are notorious for having long payout times.

Phantasia is able to fix the above problems by having a complete peer-to-peer Fantasy Football leagues. Users are able to enter free fantasy football contests and can acquire NFTs to customize their profile. For paid contests users can utilize Phantasia to host their leagues and all of their funds are securely stored in a smart contract. At the end of the season the winners are paid out instantly! The best part of it all... Phantasia isn't taking any of the users winnings or charging any platform fees!

The Phantasia labs team realizes that Fantasy Sports are a very social and competitive game. Users want the ability to customize their users and social identity. The platform enables users to do this via the Fan Card. The fan card lets users add Phantasia NFTs which can be bought from the shop or earned by playing in different contests. The difference between these and traditional in-game collectibles are that users can buy,sell, and trade them at any point! No more buying skins or in game goods which can never be transferred or sent to a friend.

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