Entry Payments

There are multiple payment entries to join your league. Phantaisa makes it easy for users to join a fantasy football league and keeps all of the transactions securely on chain for the users. Entry payments are only required for paid leagues and are restricted to users in certain jurisdictions and requirements. There are two options that users can utilize to enter paid contests both of them are described below.

Users can utilize USDC (Solana) that is within their wallet and enter paid contests with the USDC in their wallet. USDC is a stablecoin which is equivalent to 1 USD and can just be thought of as a digital dollar. If you don't have any USDC and you want to enter in USDC for some benefits such as: no fees, instant settlements and self custody. Users can onboard USDC (solana) by utilizing a centralize exchange, we recommend using FTX which you can create a free account and onboard USDC (SPL) for free - https://ftx.us/deposit/USD.

Once you have USDC (SPL) in your centralized exchange you can move it to your Phantasia account by going to Wallet & Balances and selecting "buy crypto on FTX" this will allow you to directly transfer to your Phantasia wallet.

Credit Card

Users can enter their credit or debit card information and then they will be able to enter the contests with this payment method. The credit & debit card providers have fees for using this option which is passed onto the users. The reason for this is theres a free option where Phantasia and the users don't incur fees which is the USDC option above. However for convenience and some users not wanting to onboard USDC they are welcome to utilize the Card option for joining season long fantasy sport contests.

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