View Entered Contests

The fun part of viewing the contests that you have entered!

There are two ways to view contests that you're entered in:

1) Navigate to My Contests Tab

Navigate to the "Contests" page on the header which will show a list of all contests that you're entered in. You're able to filter this by contest that you have which are: Live, upcoming, or have ended. This gives users who are active an easier way to sort their contests.

Click view on any of the contests to see your teams live scores and opponents score as well.

The Contest page is shown above which gives user different insights into the contest.

1) Users are able to view their team to see how their players are performing or are projected to perform

2) Users are able to view who has joined the contest and can click on anyone on the leaderboard to view their team as well

3) The prize for the contest which is displayed by the "Participants Win Prizes" - The contest prize pool is determined by the amount of people entering the contest- this is for free contests ONLY. For paid contests the prize amount is determined during the creation of the contest.

4) Games which are in the contest and the scores for those respective games

5) In game chat to trash talk and compete against other players who are in the game!

2) Navigate to "Home"

On the Home Screen users will see a dashboard view aims to provide a summary of Contests that are currently open and upcoming contests for the user. Users can view their team by selecting a contest from the "My Upcoming Contests" Column

Enjoy watching your players compete against other teams. Once the contest ends the leaderboards will finalize and you can see how you placed! Celebrate if you were one of the winners and study up and join another contest if you didn't win this time!

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