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Do I need an NFT to use Phantasia?

No you do not, however, owning a Phanbots NFT will unlock extra features for you and enhance your fantasy sports experience. Additionally, owning Phantasia NFTs is the way to personalize your in-game identity.

What are Phanbots?

'Phanbots' are the first NFT collection built by the Phantasia team that allows users to have own-able in-game profiles while competing in fantasy sports contests. Phanbots give users access to exclusive features on Phantasia: access to whitelist spots for future collection mints, special fantasy sports advice available exclusively to holders, tools to help build strong lineups, and the ability to have a profile image. Currently, Phanbots are the only item that can be added as a profile picture in-game.

What Sports are available for Fantasy Contests?

Currently we have NFL Football, NBA Basketball, EPL Football, MLB Baseball contests implemented. After this, we will be adding additional sports depending on community interest and proposals.

Do I automatically receive my prize after winning a contest?

Yes you automatically receive your prizes after winning a contest!

Do prizes expire? Why?

Prizes do expire after two weeks if they are not claimed by the winner. Since it is required that we pay rent fees to store your prize money on the Solana blockchain, we can't let it sit unclaimed forever. To reduce potentially massive fees and support the network, we throw away prizes that go unclaimed after two weeks.

Do I need to claim prizes from NFT contests?

No! NFTs won in a contest will automatically be sent to the winners wallet.

How do I buy more SOL?

Buying SOL is easy - use Coinbase, FTX, MoonPay or even a Solana wallet with USDC. Once you buy SOL, send it to the wallet address that is connected to your Phantasia account. We recommend trying a small test transaction before sending large amounts of SOL.

What do I need to use Phantasia?

Using Phantasia is seamless - all you need is your phone number to get started. Upon creating your new account, Phantasia will give you a very small amount of SOL - enough to join about 10 contests. Once this runs out, you will receive an error explaining that you need more SOL in your account to keep using Phantasia.

Why do I need SOL to use Phantasia? How much do I need to have in my wallet to use the platform?

NO - Phantasia covers all of the Solana blockchain gas fee's however most other applications on Solana don't.

Since Phantasia leverages the Solana blockchain to power the app, someone needs SOL to pay transaction fees, or 'gas,' in order to process blockchain transactions. Think of this like the small fee you'd pay a credit card company for processing a transaction - only this is 1000x cheaper.

You only need about .0001 SOL (like, 1 cent) in your account's wallet to pay for this gas fee. We do recommend owning more than this, so you don't need to constantly re-fund your wallet to keep joining contests.

How are contest prize amounts determined for free contests?

Free contest prizes rise as the number of participants also increases - it's a 1:1 correlation. Note that any contest with less than 10 people will not pay a prize.

Are there plans to add more sports in the future?

Of course! The team is always on the look out for the next best sport to add to the contest. Keep up with Twitter and Discord to get sneak previews before we release new sports. Additionally, you can propose new sport additions as a member of the Phantasia DAO.

I found an issue and need support - where can I go?

The best method of reporting issues is through Discord where the team has community managers working 24 hours a day. Feel free to also DM us on Twitter.

Can I add a profile picture to my account?

Yes - but not any image - you must own a Phantasia Phanbot NFT. Using Phantasia NFTs is the only way to customize your in-game profile.

How can I buy Phantasia NFTs?

You can buy Phantasia NFTs directly on the Phantasia platform! Go to Phantasia.app/shop to view all of the active listings. If you'd rather buy elsewhere, you can purchase Phantasia NFTs on Magic Eden or Exchange.art.

What are the scoring rules in Phantasia contests?

Phantasia follows typical scoring rules aligned with most DFS platforms. Please see Phantasia's scoring rules to read more.

How do I withdraw money that I’ve earned in contests and transfer it to my bank?

To move funds won in contests to your bank, you'll need to:

  1. Swap FANT for USDC on Orca.so

  2. Create an FTX account

  3. Send USDC to your FTX account using the FTX SPL Address

  4. Connect your bank to FTX

  5. Withdraw USDC from FTX to your bank through ACH transfer

Note: If you use your phone number to sign in, you will need to create a Solana wallet on Phantom, Slope or Solflare. Sends funds from the Phantasia mobile app to your new Solana wallet before starting step 1.

For more detailed instructions, please see below. If you already use a Solana wallet to sign in on Phantasia, you can skip step 1:

1. Send FANT to a Solana wallet.

First, you'll need a Solana wallet. We recommend using a Phantom, Slope or Solflare wallet. These can all be found as either an extension in your browser, or a mobile app (Phantom is iOS only). Once set up, copy the wallet address for your new wallet. This is usually located at the top of extension or app, and is displayed in a format like this: XDt2...R4re

Come back to the Phantasia app with the wallet address. Open the wallet information modal by pressing on your FANT or SOL balance on the home page, or the 'View wallet information' button on your profile page.

Press the send icon on the far right of your FANT balance. Next, paste the wallet address into the top text input. Finally, enter the amount you want to send and click submit. Verify that the FANT is now in your Solana wallet that you have set up. We recommend sending one FANT as a test transaction before sending your entire balance.

2. Swap FANT for USDC on Orca

Next, we'll use Orca to swap FANT tokens for USDC, a stablecoin 'equal' in value to the US Dollar. Go to orca.so in your browser. If you are using a Phantom, Slope or Solflare mobile app, make sure to access orca.so through the in-app browser, not in Chrome or Safari.

Once on Orca's site, click the yellow button in the top corner to connect your wallet. Once connected, select FANT in the top dropdown and USDC in the bottom. Enter the amount of FANT you want to trade and click exchange. Check your wallet to verify your FANT has been swapped for USDC.

3. Create an FTX account

Now, we'll set up an FTX account that will connect to your bank. Go to FTX.com, or FTX.us if located in the US. Follow the steps to create an account. Once created, click 'Wallet' in the top navigation bar to view your balances. In the list of coins, you'll see USD with a green icon. Click 'Deposit' in the row next to USD. Next, in the list of buttons, click 'Deposit USDC'. Copy the SPL USDC address listed. Do NOT copy the Ethereum or AVAX addresses.

Once copied, go to your Solana wallet you set up with Phantom, Slope or Solflare. Click on your USDC balance card to send USDC. Paste the SPL address you copied from FTX. Enter the amount of USDC you want to put into your bank and click send. Verify that your FTX balance has increased from this transaction. Again, it is recommended to send 1 USDC to FTX to ensure the transaction works correctly before sending your entire balance.

Finally, click the 'Withdraw' button next to USD on FTX. Now, connect your bank to FTX through ACH (very secure). Choose your amount to withdraw and you are done! The funds should arrive in your bank account in less than an hour with no fees applied.

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