Public vs. Private leagues

There are different types of fantasy leagues both public and private. The public leagues are open to anyone who meets the criteria and are both for free & paid contests. For paid contests users trust the platform that is holding custody of the funds and also needs to utilize it for the season, the platform then can take fees anywhere from 10-40% of the league fees. Private contests are typically setup by a commissioner who organizes the league and then invites their friends, co-workers, or others to compete and show off their football knowledge! There are over 60 Million people who play Fantasy sports in just USA & Canada most of them playing in private leagues with their friends.

Public Leagues

Public leagues on Phantasia allow anyone to create a league and select if it's a paid or free league. Users are then able to see all of the public leagues that are available on the platform and if any of the available leagues meet the criteria for you. If you don't see a league which has the settings (draft time, entry fee, etc...) that meets your criteria you're able to create your own and have others join. Once this league is created anyone can join, but you're welcome to invite users as well. Many of the public leagues are advertised by the creators on other platforms such as reddit & facebook to find other users who want to participate.

An important feature of the public leagues are the settings and rules aren't able to be edited by the commissioner or other users. This is to disincentivize any type of collusion on public leagues from happening. This aligns with the ethos of Web3 and also Phantasia where the rules are transparent and set up before a competition begins and the rules are followed by everyone who agrees and is participating in the contests.

Private Leagues

Private leagues on Phantasia allow anyone to create a league and restrict the people who can join the league. The creator of the league can customize the league settings i.e. paid/free, league size, draft time, etc... Once the league is created they can send a link to the users who they want to join this league. Only people who are invited through this link can join the league.

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