Side Challenges

Side Challenges are a unique way for users to challenge their league mates to win weekly cash prizes! This is a unique feature that is only offered on the Phantasia platform allowing users to put their money where their mouth is when playing against someone in the their season long fantasy football league.

Side Challenges use your starting line-up for your league and compete against the league-mate you challenged against their starting line-up. The scoring is the same as your season long league.

Below are the rules and how to join side challenges:

Creating A Side Challenge

  1. Navigate to the league you're in and on the left hand side of the screen select "Side Challenge". Users will be able to create a side challenge from the start of the new week in the league once all games are finalized from the previous week.

    1. Users must be KYC'd and in an acceptable jurisdiction to participate in side challenges

  2. Choose the amount to challenge your amount with which can be paid in Phantasia Credits (can be purchased with Credit Card) or in USDC

  3. Wait for your opponent to accept the side-challenge. Your opponent has until the start of the 2nd game of the week to accept your side challenge.

    1. You're able to back out of the side-challenge at anytime until your opponent accepts the challenge. You will receive a refund in phantasia credits if you successfully back-out from the side challenge

  4. The side challenge will end once the match-week is over which for most weeks is when the last game of Monday night football is finished


  1. The scoring for side challenges is the same as your league scoring and can be found here

  2. Your opponent must accept the side-challenge before the 2nd game of the week for the side challenge to start

  3. A user can only initiate a side challenge before the 2nd game of the week

  4. A user cannot accept a side-challenge if they have players that are currently live on their starting line-up. However, the challenger can still cancel a side-challenge and be refunded if the opponents players are live and none of their starting line-up has played or is live.

    1. An example of this situation would be: User A challenges User B before the first game starts on Thursday. User A has no players in their starting line-up but User B does. User B could be watching the game to see how their players are doing and accept if they see their player score. To prevent this un-fair advantage User B cannot accept the side-challenge until the game is complete, giving user A all of the game to cancel the challenge.

  5. Your starting line-up for your league represents the same starting lineup for side-challenges. Adding players to your starting line-up from the bench and waivers is the same format as leagues.

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