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Users will be able to create a Contest within the Phantasia platform (currently in beta and only select users & projects can create contests). The user creating the contest is known as the contest creator who chooses different options for the contest parameters: league, games, #'s of participant, etc..

in the current version of Phantasia all functionalities are available to club creators as we are focused on user growth.

Below is an example of a user creating a contest-

The contest creator fills out the contest page with the below information:

1) Contest Picture - this can be any picture that the creator of the contests wants to upload (given it abides by our Terms Of Service)

2) Contest Name

3) The League for the type of contest they're creating currently Phantasia offers NFL,NBA, EPL, and MLB - more sports will be added in the future.

4) Prize Type - the default is the contests are P2E games

5) Timeline - this is the duration of the contest.

6) Number of participants

More information below 👇

7) Contest Type - Currently Phantasia offers three different contests types: Winner takes all, 50-50, and In The Money contests.

8) Salary Cap - The amount users are able to have when creating a roster of players. Read more about salary caps in the Fantasy Sports background.

9) Contest Whitelist Optional - Make your contest private by limiting who can join with a whitelist. There are two ways to do this. Choose either: (1) Whitelist specific usernames by entering comma separated values (2) Select an NFT from your wallet and only allow users with an NFT from the same collection to join (recommended)

10) Select the matches which will belong to the contest - only the players from these matches will be able to be drafted by the users who are entering the contest

11) Select Create New Contest . This will bring up your wallet which is required to pay for the Solana rent fee (You need to have the rent fee SOL in your wallet otherwise the transaction will fail). The data from this contest is stored on-chain therefore the contest creator is required to pay rent fee for creating the contest and storing that data. Once the contest is over the rent fee which was used to store this contest will be returned to your wallet

Congrats you have created a contest 🎉

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