Trade rules

Swap players with other league managers

Trades allow you to interchange players with other teams. This is a great way to improve your team and test your negotiation skills.

Trade Deadline: Week 12 - You cannot trade players after week 12 of the NFL season

Propose a trade

The first step to trading players is selecting a trade partner. Choose a team with players that you want on your team and are able to offer a fair exchange in order to acquire them. Phantasia currently allows you to trade with one other team.

Second, select players that you want to trade for and trade away to the other team. In a typical trade, you would give up players at a position where you are strong, and look to receive players at a position of weakness. A common strategy is trading multiple mid-level depth players for a star player, or vice-versa.

Third, make sure to review your trade details. Once happy, click submit and wait for your opponent to make their decision.

Accepting or rejecting a trade

Trades will never expire, so take your time when evaluating your decision on accepting or rejecting a trade. The manager who created the trade can also cancel at any time before you accept or reject.

If accepted, players are swapped immediately with no opportunity to veto. Phantasia will strongly consider adding veto functionality in the future to improve fairness and league participation.

Trade vetoes: Phantasia currently does not allow vetoing trades, but will likely support veto power in the future for all players

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