The Waiver Wire

Compete with other users to add players

What is the waiver wire in fantasy football?

Managing free agency is a key part of being a great fantasy football manager. Players will have strong weeks and be a hot commodity across a league, receiving tons of interest from managers in free agency. How is it determined which manager is able to add a player after weekly NFL games are played? The waiver wire helps ensure that every team receives an equal and fair chance to add players before they drop onto the free-for-all free agency list for any manager to add. Let's break down how it works.

Players on waivers

There are two situations where a player will end up on the waiver wire and not be available for immediate addition a manager's roster.

  1. The player was dropped by a team within 24 hours

  2. The player's game for this NFL week has already begun

In these two situations, the player would be 'on waivers' and not be available to immediate addition to your roster. Instead, you need to create a waiver claim in order to give yourself a chance to add this player.

Claiming a player on the waiver wire

You'll know if a player is on the waiver wire if you see a yellow 'claim' button instead of the typical, green 'add' button next to a player. If you want to add a player on the waiver wire, you'll be prompted to drop a player. This player will not be dropped unless you win the waiver request and the transaction is processed.

How are waiver wire additions processed?

Every Wednesday, when the new NFL week begins, waiver claims will be processed at 12:01 AM eastern time (New York). Team managers with the highest 'waiver priority' will be rewarded with the first chance at processed waiver claims. When their claim is processed, they are moved to the back of the line in terms of waiver ranking. As other manager's claims are processed, you will move up in the order. It is important to use waiver claims sparingly if you want to get to the front of the line and have a better chance and receiving your coveted player.

Tip: Use the waiver wire for players you really believe in. The more you use the waiver wire, the less likely you are to receive players each week as you'll likely be last in line

Once a claim is processed, you'll see the waiver claim show in your team's waiver history and be able to view the added player on your roster. If another manager added the same player in a processed waiver claim before you, your request will be removed and your roster will remain the same.

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