Drafting my team

Drafting your team is one of the most important steps to building a winning team in fantasy football. Phantasia provides a clean, simple to use draft room ensuring your experience is smooth.

You'll be able to view your draft on the exact date that your draft begins. Note that your draft does not start at the exact time setting put in place by the league creator, but rather must begin with a manual button push by one participant in your league. This does not need to be the league creator/commissioner.

Good to know: Anyone in your league can initiate the beginning of the draft at any time past your league's set draft date and time

To enter your draft room, go to your league home page and you will see a panel indicating 'your draft is live.' Click 'enter draft room' to navigate to your league's draft.

Once in the draft room, notice the chat bubble in the bottom right corner. Use the chat feature to begin communicating with your league mates about when to start the draft. If you choose to start it, click the 'start draft' button in the top right corner. If your league is not full, but has more than 4 participants, you can still draft and start your league by using Phantasia's resizing functionality.

After clicking start draft, the timer will begin. By default, you have 60 seconds on the timer for each draft selection. In private leagues, this setting can be adjusted to 90 or 120 seconds instead of 60.

When your draft begins, notice that the draft order is automatically randomized. This will only occur in public leagues and private leagues where the commissioner/creator has not manually set or randomized the draft order prior to starting the draft.

Important: The draft order will always be randomized when starting the draft in public leagues.

Now you're ready to draft! Make sure to pick one of each position to build a complete team. Good luck with the season!

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