Magic Wallet Information

The Magic Wallet allows users to Register and Sign in to the Phantasia platform with a phone number or email. Partnering with Magic enables Phantasia to hit an audience which otherwise wouldn't be utilizing web3.

Magic nor Phantasia keep the private keys of the users wallets. These are stored securely within hardware that isn't owned by Magic. To learn more about the security aspects of magic please visit:

Withdrawing from Magic

Users are able to fund the magic wallet with any SPL token to utilize within the Phantasia Sports platform. Users are also able to withdraw the funds in their magic wallet to another type of wallet i.e. Phantom.

The steps are included below:

The Below Steps work for both Mobile + and Web App:

  1. Head to the reveal link and login with either email or SMS depending on what you utilize for Phantasia .

    1. If you're using your Phone number make sure to include "+" and your country code for the USA it's "+1".

  2. Read all of the terms & conditions and once you're ready check them and select to reveal your private key

  3. A modal will appear with your private key information - safely store this information and don't share it with anyone. You can copy (cmd + C) this information so you can paste it easily in a later step

  4. If you don't have a Phantom wallet. Download a Phantom wallet - instructions can be found here: phantom.

    1. Open the wallet in your browser and it will give you two options: 1) Create new Wallet 2) Write down your secret recovery phrase

  5. Open the Phantom wallet that you own or just created and click on the hamburger icon in the top left corner. Select "Add/Connect Wallet" and then click "Import Private Key."

  6. Paste the private key you received in step 2 into "private key" and name your wallet

Congrats you have exported your magic wallet onto Phantom and can move your cryptocurrency freely!

For Mobile App Only:

  1. Log in to the Mobile App with your phone # or Email

  2. Go to the "Home" screen

  3. Click on the wallet which will show your token balances

  4. Select the "Send Icon" on the token that you want to send

  5. Paste in the wallet address (verify it's a Solana wallet address) and select the amount you want to send

  6. Hit "Send Sol" (this is an example of sending Sol to another wallet)

  7. Confirm the transaction went through

Congrats you have sent the tokens (follow the same above steps for NFTs) to another wallet!

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