Roster requirements

How to build your Phantasia Leagues roster

Fantasy football requires that you adhere to a specific roster structure throughout your season. Only a certain amount of players can be designated starters, and you can also hold players on your bench that you may need to use in future matchups.

Phantasia currently provides one simple, common roster requirement rule consisting of the following positions:

Starters (9)

1 Quarterback (QB)

2. Running Backs (RB)

2 Wide Receivers (WR)

1 Tight End (TE)

1 FLEX position (RB, WR or TE)

1 Kicker (K)

1 Defense/Special Teams (DST)

Bench (6)

Adding to your starters, a bench can consist of an extra 6 players, combining to total of 15 maximum players on your roster at all times. You do NOT need a full roster and are allowed to have empty roster spots if you want to.

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