Phantasia Sports

Phantasia Sports is a Fantasy Sports platform that is built on top of the Solana Blockchain. On Phantasia users can earn tokens through skilled gameplay and contributing to the ecosystem. Players can join public or private tournaments to play Fantasy Sports against other users.

Phantasia brings the fun of traditional Fantasy Sports competitions coupled with benefits of Blockchain through play-to-earn strategies and in-game NFTs. Users will earn tokens through gameplay that can be spent on getting access to exclusive features and buy in-game NFTs (skins) within the Phantasia marketplace. The NFTs which are bought on the Phantasia marketplace are utilized to customize the "Fan Card" which is players in-game identity on the Phantasia platform. The "Fan Card" appears in chat rooms, leaderboards, and within contests.

Phantasia gives players the power to build fully customizable Fantasy leagues. With an explosion of NFT project communities that are increasingly looking for ways to connect online, the platform allows users to create private NFT tournaments. Only holders of a certain NFT collection can join these contests!

Phantasia's Mission:

Phantasia was built to provide Fantasy Sports lovers an opportunity to utilize blockchain technology. The gap of UX in traditional fantasy sports and the limitations of customizations for players sparked the teams interest in building Phantasia. Sports are truly a global phenomenon which can bring millions of users to the blockchain - Phantasia will achieve this through offering all mainstream sports.


Onboarding sports lovers onto blockchain technology with a familiar concept of Fantasy Sports.

We believe in ability of in-game identity while competing against friends and other members of your communities.

We believe in decentralization and code deciding who wins - taking away the power from centralized organizations.

Welcome to the Phantasia family!

*Note Phantasia is currently in mainnet beta and rapidly adding new features to the platform

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