Onboarding Cryptocurrency

Guide for onboarding cryptocurrency to the mobile application

On the Solana blockchain the Sol token is needed to pay for transactions that are stored on the chain. The average cost of a Solana transaction is $~0.00025 USD making it one of the cheapest blockchains for users. Additionally Solana is a very environmentally friendly blockchain with an average transaction using the same amount of resources as two google searches.

Users will NOT need any funds in their wallet to join contests or edit rosters. Phantasia pays for ALL of the transaction costs.

Sending Funds From Another Wallet

  1. Navigate to the mobile app and navigate to the home screen

  2. Click on the Solana symbol which should bring up the wallet modal

  3. In the top right corner of the wallet modal your wallet address will appear it will be 4 alpha-numeric characters followed by "..." and then followed by another 4 alpha-numeric characters i.e. (A2B4...Pe2A) copy this wallet address

  4. Navigate to your other Solana wallet which is holding the cryptocurrency. Enter the cryptocurrency you wish to send and enter the wallet address from step 3.

  5. Refresh the mobile application and confirm that your cryptocurrency has arrived in the wallet

Utilizing Coinflow to deposit directly into a contest or for NFTS

Select the contest or NFT you would like to purchase. From there if you dont have any crypto in your wallet - dont worry you're still able to enter the contest with your Credit Card. Follow the checkout instructions and enter you information. Once the transaction is approved you will get entered into the contest or receive your digital good!

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