Paid vs. Free Leagues

There are two different options for types of leagues within Phantasia. The first type of league which is available for anyone to join or create is a free league, the other type of leagues that Phantasia offers is paid entry leagues. First we will go over what a free league is. Free leagues let anyone create phantasia leagues for either public or private leagues. There is no payment required to create a free league and users are able to create and join as many free leagues as they want with no restrictions!

Paid entry leagues are when users who are joining a league are required an entry fee to join the league. Paid entry leagues can either be a private league where only users who are invited via a link can join or can be a public league as well. For paid entry leagues the creators of the public or private league set the league entry fee and also set the payout structure which is transparent to everyone joining and cannot be changed once the league is created. Paid entry leagues are only available to users in select jurisdictions who meet the minimum age requirements.

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